Philosophy professor creates GoFundMe to ‘save WSU philosophy’

HAYLEY MARTINEZ, Evergreen reporter

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A philosophy professor at WSU has created a GoFundMe page titled “Save WSU Philosophy,” and is criticizing the university for a merger of the philosophy department with the political science department in what he claims is an attempt to get rid of philosophy at WSU.

Joe Campbell, the philosophy professor who started the fundraiser, claims he was targeted by political science faculty who he believes are uninterested in supporting the continuation of philosophy at WSU.

The philosophy department stood on its own until it was merged into the political science department, forming the School of Politics, Philosophy and Public Affairs.

Campbell was the original director of the merger program, he said, but claimed he was “ousted” because he’s a philosophy professor.

“Political science didn’t like that a philosopher was in charge,” he wrote on the GoFundMe page.

Campbell also claimed on his fundraising post he was subject to unfair “investigations and harassment” in the department.

In the past year, three people within the philosophy department have left because of the issues involving the merger, he claimed.

Campbell was not immediately available for comment.