Menstrual cycles don’t stop sexual urges, period

Don’t let nature keep you from enjoying intimate moments



“If you feel like you don’t want to touch blood, wear a condom, which you should be going anyway,” sophomore nursing major Alexis Knight said.

ALEX BIVIANO, Evergreen columnist

Period sex is a non-starter for many men, but this is not necessarily a rational turnoff. Hormonal changes are a large part of a woman’s period and that often leads to a higher sex drive, which is why an aversion to period sex is not what’s best for many relationships.

Periods are a natural part of life for the vast majority of college-aged women. Sex is as well, but what a lot of people do not realize is that while they think menstrual cycles are a red light once a month, some want it a lot more than they do off their period.

Blood is considered unnatural in sex, but facts prove otherwise, especially when one looks at the other fluids involved in sex. Period sex does not produce any more liquid than normal sex does, it is just a different bodily function.

While the appearance can be off-putting, the sex itself is not much different and even offers different advantages than traditional sex. While the smell is different, sex is not an odorless activity and a change in smell can even end up going unnoticed.

Sophomore nursing major Alexis Knight said she personally enjoys sex on her period and feels like the stigma around period sex should end.

“Communication is important, discuss it with your partner to see if it is something that you would like to do,” Knight said. “It is not dirty or unsanitary, just different, and if you feel like you don’t want to touch blood wear a condom, which you should be doing anyway.”

While its appearance may give some pause, it can actually be more enjoyable for some, Knight said.

“It is a natural lubricant,” Knight said. “It is more comfortable in my opinion, but most importantly never shame your partner for wanting sex, even if you are not personally into it.”

Periods are also a natural form of birth control as it becomes nearly impossible to get pregnant while menstruating. This doesn’t mean you can forgo protection altogether, as you won’t be 100 percent protected from pregnancy and STIs can still be transmitted during this kind of intercourse.

A woman’s hormones are in a strange situation when the time of the month rolls around. The most prolific hormone produced by women is estrogen, but when her period happens, estrogen levels drop and androgen levels rise.

While androgen levels are higher in men, both sexes have some quantities of both. Androgens lead to a higher sex drive, mood swings and body composition changes, which is an explanation for a plethora of period symptoms both physical and emotional, according to

Moral of the story is, it is natural for a woman to have sex on her period, and men shouldn’t be afraid to satisfy the craving. Periods are a healthy thing for women and as men make an effort to understand the female body better, sex becomes better for all parties involved.

Sex is great and it should be discussed with both parties no matter the circumstances. No matter what the preference is, as long as both parties are into it, there should be no shame in participating in sex.