Grant will help fund morning tutoring program for K-5

Pullman Education Foundation allocated grant to be used for supplies, tutoring

ANGELICA RELENTE, Evergreen editor-in-chief

The Pullman Education Foundation awarded the Pullman School District K-5 Morning Tutoring Program a $500 grant which will be allocated to school supplies and tutor training sessions.

The morning tutoring program, also known as “homework club,” involves WSU tutors who help elementary school students with subjects ranging from math to English.

Paulina Abustan, co-founder and coordinator of the tutoring program, said $500 will go toward things for students including school supplies such as pencils and notebooks.

That money will be divided among Jefferson, Franklin and Sunnyside elementary schools, which hold 20 to 30 students each within the program, she said.

Abustan said she usually rewards students with snacks and supplies for their progress at the end of each semester.

“Usually these past few years,” she said, “I’ve been spending my own money [on things like] treats for the kids.”

Other coordinators also chipped in during times like this, Abustan said.

The other $500 will be used for tutor training sessions, she said, where tutors discuss issues or strengths that arise when they work with the students.

“A lot of tutoring is [like] scaffolding,” Abustan said. “You’re supporting them to come to the ‘aha’ moment.”

She said she was not expecting to receive a grant. They are always searching for support from other groups, and are still hoping to receive more donations, specifically Coug gear, she said.

So far, many of the departments she has approached have been unable to donate, she said.

“I know money is tight,” Abustan said.

The Pullman School District is also willing to provide stipends for coordinators, but a few coordinators decided they wanted to accumulate volunteer hours instead, she said.

“Hopefully this is a good step in the future,” Abustan said. “We can actually hire coordinators at each school and have it like an official job.”

Correction: This article was updated to accurately reflect the accurate amount of money for the grant.