Sex toys: stimulating the conversation

What is big, black and vibrates? My cellphone, but I like the way your mind works.

The use of sex toys is no longer a taboo but instead are becoming mainstream objects.

Although there are reasons why individuals stray away from bedroom toys, those who are sexually active or curious should give the experience a try for their own benefits.

Through books and television shows such as “Sex in the City,” the media has made it acceptable to talk about sex and experimenting.

As Kathy Sprague, owner of Eclectica sex shop in Moscow, Idaho, would say, “God bless ‘50 Shades of Grey.’”

More people, including college students, might be more inclined to try out sex toys after they have read or watched characters they trust use them in the stories they love.

In fact, at Eclectica many college students end up buying their first vibrators. They usually buy smaller versions called bullets, Sprague said.

While there are single individuals who wander into these stores, there are many couples who come in to browse.

The gender ratio of those who come into the store is about the same, but more women buy toys for personal pleasure, Sprague said.

With this insight, no one should be embarrassed to venture into sex shops because people of both genders over the age of 18 do it. Shopping or browsing at these seductive shops should be looked at the same way going to the bar: as a coming-of-age experience.

Nowadays it is also normal for many cities to have respectable erotica stores. The purpose is to make shopping comfortable for women, according to a blog post by Dr. Lauren Streicher.

Prices for these toys are reasonable as well. The merchandise sold in Eclectica ranges anywhere from $8 to $140.

Another common reason why people are afraid to delve into sex toys is because they’re afraid of myths that using it will damage the body. This is a myth, as sex toys can help improve stamina, according to

The notion that toys are unsterile is also misleading. Most toys can be cleaned with the use of sex toy cleaner and anti-bacterial soaps, as stated on Little Shop of O’s website.

The use of sex toys should not be scary or nerve-wracking whether you are a sexually-active individual or not. It is simply a new experience to discover.

Everyone who is curious about their sex life or future sex life should consider trying a personal experimentation of sex toys.

It may seem awkward, but you’ll never know until you try. Besides, a healthy sex life starts with you.