Support stricter gun control in Washington

Limitations need to be placed on what’s made available to citizens, restrictions set for age guns are purchasable at



The key to endangering less people to gun violence is to keep the more dangerous kinds of weapons inaccessible to most everyone.

ALEX BIVIANO, Evergreen columnist

I want to take your guns away. No, not the pistol used to defend your home, or the rifle you hunt with, but some simply should not be in civilian hands.

The second amendment protects the right to keep and bear arms. But it doesn’t specify which arms are legal to keep.

We already have gun control in this country but hardly any American would get upset over not owning a rocket-propelled grenade launcher. The government has banned a plethora of weapons it deems unsafe in citizens’ hands, so why is further restriction a constitutional crisis?

The government takes measures to protect its citizens already and guns are the next logical step, even if it means removing some liberties of law-abiding citizens.

David Makin, WSU criminal justice professor, explained how we can limit gun violence as a society but said more research needs to be done before conclusions are drawn.

“We need to slowly introduce policy that follows what the research tells us,” Makin said. “Make policy that is not based on what is sensible to the individual based on their anecdotal understanding of where they politically fall, but rather what does the research tell us.”

Introducing anticipatory measures to Americans may be a challenge but it is no different than current policy around items like drug paraphernalia and burglary tools.

“The justice system is about creating stability,” Makin said. “Law is about stability and sometimes people forget that. The challenge is ways we go about achieving stability.”

The goal of stability is hard for many Americans because it prevents outliers. Extraordinarily good and bad cases are equally suppressed.

This stability gives us a comprehensive list of things you can and can’t do behind the wheel of a car. The rules here apply the same to a 16-year-old new driver as much as they do to American race car driver Dale Earnhardt Jr.

The second amendment is supposed to defend the vulnerable, but it is currently hurting those who cannot defend themselves the most.

Here in Washington, lawmakers took steps to keep guns out of the wrong hands, and legislation like this will lead to a safer society as a whole.

The recently passed Initiative-1639 bans assault rifles and pistols for people under the age of 21. Legislation like this will prevent tragedies like Parkland High School, where an 18-year-old legally purchased the assault rifle used in the shooting.

Guns are a powerful tools at best meant for personal protection. Meaningful conversations need to happen for those who deserve the power. There is also a need to set limitations as to how much they’re allowed to have.

This dialogue should happen regularly, not just in times of crisis after a mass shooting. The gun violence in this country harms many and is not stopping anytime soon.

America has one of the highest rates of gun violence of any developed country, but with more legislation that number goes down and gives Americans much needed safety.

A solution to keep citizens safe without stripping others of constitutional rights is best reached by keeping talks open and having constant discussion. Washington should lead by example and show the rest of the country what effective gun legislation looks like.