Young Dem announces resignation

Berkompas wants to focus on other projects, reflects



Former president of Young Democrats and current ASWSU Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs Quinton Berkompas listens as newly appointed president Hannah Martian speaks to the varying opinions brought up in the open forum during the Young Democrats meeting in the CUB on Thursday, Jan. 24. He resigned at the beginning of the meeting. Berkompas announced his ASWSU presidential candidacy through social media.

DAISY ZAVALA, Evergreen managing editor

Quinton Berkompas, Young Democrats at WSU (YDWSU) president, announced he will be resigning from his position after eight months at the YDWSU meeting Thursday.

Berkompas said he is stepping down to focus on a new project, which will be unveiled soon.

Vice President Hannah Martian said she will be stepping into the presidential position.

“I know she will do an incredible job,” Berkompas said.

He said in an email he was shocked by the level of hate during the election season, so YDWSU members stepped up to change the political culture on campus.

“I feel like we’ve accomplished a lot by getting students to vote in midterm elections,” Berkompas said. “I’m very proud.”

He said members stood out on campus with clipboards to help students get registered to vote, and they encouraged students to turn in their ballots as well.

YDWSU organized demonstrations about healthcare, tax policy and Supreme Court nominees, Berkompas said in an email. The members also participated in WSU Crimson Group’s protest in support of Dreamers.

Martian said she plans to open a new position that would act as a liaison between YDWSU and the Whitman County Democrats.

She said the position would need to be approved into the bylaws before it can be announced to members so that an election can be held for the position.

YDWSU held discussions about current issues and democratic candidates. The purpose of these open discussions between members is to share different opinions, Martian said.

“I am very excited and hope to live up to the fantastic job my predecessors have done,” she said. “It is an honor and a huge responsibility.”

Berkompas said he was a proud democrat in a small town where most people were republicans.

“It was different to come to WSU,” Berkompas said.

This story has been updated to clarify YDWSU encouraged students to turn in their ballots, not collect them.