Woman shot at Monroe and Colorado; Weapon? Blowdart

From Staff Reports

A 20-year-old Pullman woman was struck by a blow dart Sunday at the corner of Colorado Street and Monroe Street.

Sophomore marketing major Ashley Sturza was walking home with her friend when the incident occurred.

“We were standing across the street, waiting for cars to pass by, and suddenly I felt this sharp pain in my stomach,” Sturza said. “And I looked down, and there was a blow dart sticking out of me!”

She said the dart pierced through two layers of clothing and penetrated about an inch into her abdomen.

Police are investigating the incident and suspect the dart was shot from a dark-colored sedan spotted in surveillance tapes.

Pullman Police Cmdr. Chris Tennant described the dart as, “a fairly stout piece of wire, about four inches in length.”

Sturza was seen by paramedics but was not transported to the hospital.