EDITORIAL BOARD: No print Evergreen on Tuesday

We must choose safety over the paper, stories may still be read online



The Bookin' statue stands covered in a layer of snow Monday evening on the Glenn Terrell Friendship Mall.

EDITORIAL BOARD, The Daily Evergreen

The Daily Evergreen will not publish a print edition for Tuesday, Feb. 12 due to forecasted inclement weather conditions.

The National Weather Service issued a winter storm warning for the Palouse region until 10 a.m. Tuesday. Included in this warning is a predicted 7 inches of snowfall before 1 a.m.

We will still publish tomorrow’s stories online and links to them can be found on our social media pages and dailyevergreen.com.

We wish to protect the safety of delivery drivers who spend long hours restocking newspaper stands around the WSU campus and Pullman. We also don’t want to endanger our staff, including section, layout and copy editors along with staff writers and photojournalists, by asking them to make the potentially dangerous drive to our newsroom. 

The Evergreen strives to provide useful, informed content for our readers and we regret that sometimes circumstances beyond our control affect that effort. If weather permits, we hope to resume our regular print schedule on Wednesday.

To be clear, this was a difficult decision for us to make. We consulted with old Evergreeners, our student media director and our office manager to ask what our best options were. The editor-in-chief and managing editor spent most of Monday asking section editors what they thought was best.

Truthfully, we had to face a harsh reality that most papers tomorrow will not be picked up, which brought up the issue of whether having the Evergreen delivery trucks go out into the winter storm was really worth it. Because the city won’t bring out snow plows until the morning, it placed an unnecessarily heavy burden on those who work to put out our publication.

Advertising is hard to come by and that proved especially difficult Monday during the snow day. Our sales representatives were off campus and though they offered to come in to help set up our dummies for layout, we were unable to sell any advertisements. We were also informed around 3:30 p.m. that we had until 5 p.m. Monday to decide whether we would print.

We love this newspaper. We love laying out our print editions. This in no way reflects our commitment to the newspaper or the value news has on campus. However, we also want our staff to feel safe and taken care of. When multiple editors voiced concern about making it to campus or to an interview, we had to make a very tough choice and we chose not to print. Editors are still working in the Evergreen newsroom to produce good content and we will probably always wonder if this is the best decision we could have made. For now, the wellness of our staff and the people who help us deliver quality news comes first.

Thanks for reading and stay safe out there.