Students recreate shed

DANNY LOCHRIDGE, Evergreen reporter

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Students of the WSU School of Design and Construction finished building a barn that doubles as an amphitheater at the White Spring Ranch Museum and Archive Library in Genessee, Idaho, earlier this month.

Videos on the White Spring Ranch Facebook page show students working in all sorts of weather, even the snow.

“Students pretty much had 24/7 access to the place,” spokesperson Diane Conroy said, “and they certainly used it.”

They worked on it at all hours of the day, even at one o’clock in the morning, she said.

“We really got to know the students well,” Conroy said.

The project started after the ranch decided to rebuild one of the old cellars on the property, she said.

In 2015, the project was listed on Cougsync because the ranch was looking for a community of volunteers to help build it.

Then, the students submitted blueprints to build a storage shed, she said.

“The project just sort of evolved from there,” Conroy said.

After that, a group of third-year students started working on it, she said. In all, 11 students contributed.

RACHEL SUN | The Daily Evergreen
Museum Curator Diane Conroy said antique glassware will be stored in the shed.

They used a Japanese wood-aging technique to make the wood look old and help it fit in with the rest of the buildings on the property, according to the WSU School of Design and Construction website.

“It turned out so beautifully,” Conroy said, “that we decided it should also be used as an amphitheater.”

The amphitheater will debut at the White Spring Ranch’s annual Old Fashioned Ice Cream Social on July 15, where local bands and composers will perform, according to the ranch’s Facebook events page.