Airport to offer TSA PreCheck

$85 pre-check at Moscow-Pullman airport will last for five years, available in March



Travelers exit an airplane Thursday at the Pullman-Moscow regional Airport. Employees are preparing to introduce TSA PreCheck as a temporary program, and those interested will be able to register at the fire station next to the airport from March 4-8 during specific times.

KAYE GILL, Evergreen reporter

The Transportation Security Agency announced on Feb. 20 that they would be offering TSA PreCheck at the Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport (PMRA) starting March 4.

The enrollment center will be open for five days starting March 4, and local residents interested in enrolling are advised to sign up for an appointment online, according to a press release.

Cherri Gentry, PMRA administrative assistant, said passengers in the program will pay $85 for a background check that will last for five years.

PMRA Executive Director Tony Bean said people who come in for their interview need make sure they have their passport or a state-issued ID, and a certified copy of their birth certificate.

PMRA is not funding TSA PreCheck, but it is providing a platform for TSA to bring the program to people in the Pullman area.

Gentry said TSA does not take cash or personal checks for the $85 fee, but they accept credit card, money order, company check or a certified cashier’s check.

Passengers can pre-enroll and make an appointment, Gentry said. Appointments are in-person from March 4-8.

“You come in and will have about a ten-minute, one-on-one interview,” Bean said. “They will take fingerprints, and then it takes up to a couple weeks for your results to come back.”

She said if everything goes well, the applicant will get a Known Traveler Number they can use when purchasing an airplane ticket. When passengers get their ticket, it will show they have TSA PreCheck.

Gentry said the TSA PreCheck program will benefit the airport and its passengers because it will take less time for people to get through the TSA security line.

“TSA has an incentive to get people to do pre-check,” PMRA Executive Director Tony Bean said. “It allows them to pre-qualify passengers to move security lines at the largest airports to move much, much quicker.”

The temporary enrollment center will be located at the Aircraft Rescue & Firefighting training room at 3200 Airport Complex North, according to the press release.

Hours for appointments are 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1-5 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 9-11:30 a.m. and 1:30-6 p.m. on Friday.