NHSTA recalls 37 million Takata airbags

Heat, humidity can lead to explosions in some vehicles

JAYCE CARRAL, Evergreen reporter

Pullman Police issued an alert regarding a recall of Takata airbags.

Drivers can check their vehicle for any recalls by going to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website and entering either a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or the year, make and model of a vehicle into the section provided.

The airbags were recalled as a safety precaution. Darby Baldwin, Pullman Chief of Police administrative assistant, said the airbags can explode when deployed.

The NHSTA website said exposure of high heat and humidity to the airbags can lead to explosions.

“It’s important that all the people who are sharing our roadways are being as safe as possible,” Baldwin said.

The NHSTA website said recalls and other safety defects are fixed by the vehicle manufacturers.

The manufacturers either repair, replace, or refund the vehicle owner for the piece recalled, the NHSTA website said.

“It’s just really easy to make sure our vehicles are safe before they hit the road,” Baldwin said. “That’s something that is in our control.”

Baldwin said she posted the alert on social media after receiving the recall information from the NHSTA.

“It’s generally just a good reminder for people to take the time to look and find out if there are any recalls not just on their vehicle,” Baldwin said, “but on car pieces and all other kinds of products.”