ASWSU revamps #DearWSU

Campaign now includes themes for weekdays, focuses on inclusion



Tyler Parchem, then senator at-large, reads a handout from the ASWSU director of health and safety at an ASWSU senate meeting Aug. 23 2017 at the CUB.

HANNAH WELZBACKER, Evergreen reporter

ASWSU launched an updated version of the #DearWSU campaign this week.

ASWSU Communications Director Brandon Crawford said #DearWSU first started in 2013 by the Taylor Hennessey and Kevin Massimino administration. The goal was to interact with students and answer any questions they might have.

Crawford said this year’s campaign has been revamped that now includes themes for each day of the week and more ways to submit comments.

Monday focuses on communication and community affairs, Tuesday is legislative affairs and senate questions, Wednesday is diversity, equity and inclusion and university affairs and Thursday is health and safety and communities.

The campaign will conclude on Friday with questions about finance and administration and about the president.

“We added themes to jog student’s memories on what types of questions they can ask,” Crawford said.

ASWSU Vice President Tyler Parchem said if students want to participate, they should write a question or comment about WSU on social media and use the hashtag #DearWSU.

Parchem also said there are drop boxes in the Compton Union Building for students to voice their input. The ASWSU communication team is also tabling outside of the Chinook Student Center to take feedback.

Parchem said the communication team is the first group to read the student responses. If there is a question they cannot answer, it is passed along to the Executive board, and from there it would go to WSU administration and faculty.

“We really hope students get engaged and get in conversations with ASWSU and other students on campus,” Parchem said.

He said the free parking initiative for the WSU University Recreation Center came from comments posted during the #DearWSU campaign.