Former football player’s first court appearance is tomorrow


Treshon Broughton is appearing in court on Wednesday after his arrest on Feb. 18.

From staff reports

Former senior cornerback Treshon Broughton will appear in court on Wednesday morning for the first time since his arrest on Feb. 18.

The Whitman County Prosecutor’s office charged Broughton with obstructing a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest, stating that he had an argumentative demeanor and appeared to be under the influence.

According to the probable cause summary, Pullman Police officer Shane Emerson was dispatched after Broughton allegedly tried to use a fake $20 bill at Bob’s Corner Market.

Emerson asked Broughton for his identification, to which Brouhgton said, “It’s probably around here somewhere, but…” and ultimately refused to hand it over.

“I did not know if he would try to flee and he was refusing to cooperate,” Emerson stated in the probable cause summary.

When Emerson attempted to put Broughton in handcuffs, the football player started saying, “Okay! I’ll show you my ID.”

Broughton continued to resist arrest, while two more officers arrived on the scene. One of the officers informed Broughton that he was going to use a stun gun on him and then deployed the stun gun into his upper back when he continued to resist.

Two staff members told Emerson they immediately knew the $20 bill was counterfeit from the coloring and feel.

When put in a jail cell, Broughton kicked his cell door, removed all of his clothing but his underwear and yelled, refusing to calm down. He would not listen when officers attempted to tell him why he was arrested. He was then put in a restraint chair.

Broughton was later released from the restraint chair and flooded his cell, demanding to have toilet paper. After being offered toilet paper, he said he would continue to flood his cell unless he was placed into a dry cell, so he was placed back into the restraint chair.

Reporting by Sarah Olsen