Clinique connects moms and their children


A member of the Clinique staff at The Bookie demonstrates a makeover on a patron. Clinique offers a mother-daughter makeover during Mom’s Weekend.

The Clinique counter in The Bookie is offering free makeovers for Mom’s Weekend to help moms and their Cougs learn more about all the different aspects of makeup and skincare.

Senior marketing major Rose Dang is a makeup artist at the Clinique counter for the Mom’s Weekend makeovers. She first got into makeup through YouTube videos and beauty gurus.

“There’s a lot of girls who don’t know a lot about makeup,” Dang said. “I love when they come in and I get to teach them about makeup and feel like a big sister.”

Dang enjoys doing the Mom’s Weekend makeovers because there is no other experience like working with a mother and daughter who have such a strong bond.

“I love seeing the mom-and-daughter interaction,” she said. “They sit next to each other and two different makeup artists work on them. I love seeing them get to see the transformation and seeing the bond between them.”

Many moms might shy away from this experience because they don’t wear makeup in their daily lives, but they’ll still enjoy the experience, Dang said.

“A lot of the time, the moms don’t get to wear makeup because they have such busy schedules,” she said. “They almost always walk away so happy and wanting to learn more about makeup.”

This opportunity is not only for daughters to do with their moms, but sons can enjoy it as well. When men do come in, they usually do not get makeovers, but will watch their mothers.

“I think it’s really sweet and definitely something more guys should do,” Dang said.

Clinique has a broad skincare range, so these makeovers not only focus on makeup, but skincare as well.

“We help the moms less interested in makeup know what skincare in our range would be best for them,” Dang said. “Some people who come in just want really simple makeup so a lot of the time we just teach them about makeup and focus more on skincare.”

The Clinique makeovers can be scheduled any time during the store’s open hours over Mom’s Weekend. They are free and by-appointment only.

“We’ll always be more than happy to help you with any skin concern you have,” Dang said. “We’ve been through the same thing; we’ll understand and do whatever we can to make you feel more confident.”