WSU Football Women’s Clinic lets moms hit the field

WSU moms have the chance to take the field at Martin Stadium today at the 2017 WSU Cougar Football Women’s Clinic, showing off their best touchdown dances, touring the locker rooms and running through a series of callisthenic drills.

The annual event gives moms the opportunity to become more familiar with the WSU football program and socialize with players, coaches and their families.

“My favorite part of the event is seeing the ladies go through the drills,” Antonio Huffman, assistant athletic director of football operations, said. “It’s just so fun to see the ladies high-fiving each other, laughing and having a good time. To see the players interact just adds to it.”

The event begins inside the Cougar Football Complex and check-in will take place on the building’s third floor inside the “Hall of Fame” area, Huffman said. The north entrance to the complex is where participants will enter and is located between Martin Stadium and the practice fields. Participants will then be led to the fourth floor to the Gray W. Lounge.

A social hour kicks off the event, where participants can mingle and meet the coaching staff, Huffman said. There will also be a special appearance by Butch T. Cougar, as well as photo opportunities with the mascot, coaches and cheerleaders.

Participants will then be split up into “teams” for the remainder of the event, Huffman said. After the social, each team will rotate through different meeting rooms with each coach and learn about each position on the football field.

Moms also receive an exclusive tour of the locker rooms before entering Martin Stadium through the tunnel that connects the WSU locker room to the football field, Huffman said. To the sounds of dynamic music and pyrotechnics, participants will run onto the field in the same manner the WSU football team does before the start of a game.

After a variety of stretches and warm up exercises, participants will split up into their teams and run through a series of football drills, Huffman said.

The dress code for the event is described as “Cougar casual,” meaning athletic wear or anything participants feel comfortable moving around in, Huffman said. Moms also have the option of sitting out this portion of the event.

A “touchdown dance” competition will follow the sequence of offensive and defensive calisthenics, where each mom has the chance to show off their moves, Huffman said. Players will help participants run through drills while signing T-shirts and taking photos in their jerseys.

Head Coach Mike Leach will give closing remarks and open the forum for questions to end the event, Huffman said.

“It’s an event all women should be a part of. It gives you a great insight into what the players go through day-to-day,” Huffman said. “We give them a glimpse of what their lives are like. It’s not just going and throwing the ball around and being done. There’s a lot that goes into it.”

Today’s weather forecast calls for rain, but is expected to break off by the afternoon. Despite concerns over the weather, Huffman said the “show will go on.” The event will be moved indoors if the weather becomes too severe to be outside.

Pre-registration for this event has closed but open registration begins at 4 p.m. today in the Cougar Football Complex. No mom is ever turned away, so it is never too late to sign up. Huffman estimated there will be between 175-200 participants.

A $50 registration fee covers the cost of appetizers and beverages including wine, beer, soda and water. The event begins at 4 p.m. and is scheduled to end around 8:30 p.m.