Matthew Morrow drops out of Senate race

From staff reports

An ASWSU senator has dropped out of this year’s senatorial race, and said he will run for an executive position as director of legislative affairs.

Both executive tickets said they would consider Matthew Morrow for the position if they win, Morrow said. Regardless of who wins the ASWSU presidency, he will have a chance at the position.

However, if he won both the director and the senator position, he would not be able to do both, he said, so he withdrew his Senate candidacy to pursue the executive position.

“I thought it would be improper to run for Senate only to immediately quit,” Morrow said.

Before he withdrew, there were seven candidates for the six at-large Senate seats. Now, with only six candidates running, all are guaranteed a seat on the 47th ASWSU Senate.

Reporting by Caitlin Grover