Committee to begin investigation into ISC exec

The ASWSU Senate brought up International Student Council (ISC) President Kevin Linquist’s possible impeachment for the first time since before winter break at Wednesday’s meeting, and decided to begin an internal investigation into whether Lindquist violated the WSU honor code.

Before Thanksgiving break the ASWSU Judicial Board found grounds for impeachment after Lindquist removed Leslie Roman from the ISC Executive Board without due process. Lindquist said he had the right to do so as president, citing the J-clause in the ISC constitution.

ASWSU Vice President Kyle Strachila read a statement from ASWSU President Taylor Christenson in which she described an investigation headed by herself and Strachila into the inner workings of ISC.

Christenson described the transparent process in which she surveyed general members of ISC before winter break. She also had an open conversation between herself, four members of the ISC Executive Board and Lindquist.

Christenson stated that in her conversation with the ISC Exec Board, she asked questions about what their experience on the ISC board has been like, and that she kept record of these conversations.

“After countless intense, lengthy conversations and sifting through papers of feedback surveys, I have decided there is no reason to move forward with impeachment of Kevin Lindquist,” Christenson said in her statement.

Her statement said that in the future there needs to be follow-up with ISC to “ensure projects are being completed and the functioning of ISC are running smoothly.” These responsibilities will be falling to Strachila and he will be “attending future meetings of ISC and holding the ISC accountable for making improvements,” she said in her statement.

After he read the statement the senators had many questions for him regarding the investigation. Sen. Austin Brown asked if Lindquist was present when the surveys were being filled out. Strachila replied that he was but he was in a conversation with Strachila and that there was a calm mood in the room.

Senator Jordyn Beckford asked if he thought Lindquist’s presence could have influenced the responses, and if they were anonymous. Strachila replied that they were and that he did not believe it had any effect.

Some senators asked questions about the variety of responses, and Strachila reported them as being “95 percent positive” and of the 5 percent that were negative, no one said he should leave the organization.

Sen. Matthew Morrow asked if Leslie Rocha Roman, the executive who Lindquist fired, was surveyed or talked to. Morrow also asked if the investigation had any findings about whether or not Lindquist’s “improper invocation of the J-clause” was a violation of the WSU Honor Code as stated by the ASWSU Judicial Board. Stachila said no to both.

“So both parts of the J-boards rulings were not part of your investigation?” Morrow asked.

“Apparently not,” Strachila said.

He said investigation was not about whether Lindquist should be impeached, but about the community’s health.

Eventually the Senate decided they did not have enough information to make a decision and agreed to begin an investigation, with the Internal Committee bringing its recommendation to the Senate before March.

“Obviously there is a camp in J-board who wants to impeach,” said Sen. Derrick Wallace, the chair of the Internal Committee. “Someone in Senate needs to look through everything.”

Before discussion was closed, Morrow reminded the Senate that the investigation should be about whether Lindquist violated the honor code, and not about if ISC was running smoothly.

Wallace said a portion of the next Internal meeting will be dedicated to coming up with an action plan to delve further into the matter.