Concerns voiced over proposed re-zoning


Parking zone changes may affect parking pass prices.

Most of the feedback Transportation Services received on the proposed parking zone changes for fall semester centered on concerns for permit holders having to pay more for a parking spot they have already been using.

Monday was the last day for members of the WSU community to comment on the proposal, which would change some parking lots to different colors and raise prices for their corresponding permits.

One of the concerns people expressed was how many of the blue zones are changing to red zones, as the demand for those locations increases, WSU Transportation Services Director John Shaheen said.

The current parking zone system was implemented at the university in 1991, and it has gone through multiple changes since then. The parking zone system is designed for modification in order to keep up with the campus’s alterations and additions, Shaheen said.

“When the campus physically changes, the value of a parking area changes, too,” Shaheen said.

With the large amount of construction on campus over the past five years, the proposed changes largely deal with zones switching from one value (color) to another to better facilitate the shifts in parking demand, Shaheen said.

There are no changes to the actual rates of the different permits, though some lots will become more expensive due to changing color. WSU Transportation Services emailed every permit holder to let them know about the zone changes as well as their ability to comment.

Along with the changes in parking zones, the proposal also includes three parking lot improvement projects to take place this summer, which are estimated to cost $1 million. The money used for the projects will come entirely from parking fees and fines, Shaheen said.

For those permit holders who wish to try something different, if they can prove to Transportation Services that they gave up their permit to try an alternative form of transportation, they will be able to re-purchase their permit without being on a wait list, Shaheen said.

Now that comments have been collected, the University Parking and Transportation Task Force will review them and give their recommendation to the WSU vice president of finance and administration who will make the final call, Shaheen said.