Pullman drivers should take extra precautions when venturing out into snow


Cars covered in snow on College Hill following Monday night’s snowfall, Tuesday, Dec. 3.

Numerous fender benders and at least one fatal accident have resulted from recent snowfall in the region.

Pullman Police Cmdr. Chris Tennant encouraged drivers to remain especially vigilant on icy roads.

“Obviously, slow down,” he said. “If you have to hit the brakes, it’s too late.”

Tennant recommended drivers consider road conditions when planning their commutes.

“It would be good if people would plan their route a little better,” he said. “There’s a reason there’s a sign at the top of Monroe saying ‘Don’t use in the snow.’”

Michol Jensen, executive assistant for the City of Pullman, wrote an announcement in November, which outlined the city’s ice and snow control program. The announcement is available on the city website.

The following is a complete list of maintained roads that lead to common destinations in Pullman. Jensen said the city aims to provide at least two safe routes to each residential area.

Military Hill

Larry Street

State Street/Janet Street

Stadium Way Extension/True Street

Turner Drive

Hall Drive

Pioneer Hill

East Crestview Street

Rocky Way

Johnson Road/Pro Mall/Derby Street

South Street

Spring Street/Harvest Drive

Sunnyside Hill

Davis Way/Wawawai Road

Skyline Drive/Fountain Street/Arbor/Shirley

West Crestview Street

W. Main Street

Center Street

College Hill

Kamiaken/Whitman/Maiden lane

B Street/Colorado Street

Valley Road/Orchard Drive

Terre View/Merman Drive

Stadium Way