Agriculture club hosts fifth Harvest Festival

Event includes scavenger hunt, pumpkin pie, club-made apple cider



Despite early morning showers, families and students turn out for the WSU Organic Farm’s annual Fall Harvest Festival on Oct. 7. The festival features a self-pick pumpkin patch, games, refreshments and a produce sale.

RACHEL KOCH, Evergreen reporter

The Organic Agriculture Club is working to give fall enthusiasts an event to celebrate the festive season.

The club began focusing its efforts at the beginning of the semester at the Eggert Family Organic Farm as they set up the fifth annual Harvest Festival, said Club President Katie Doonan.

The Harvest Festival is a pumpkin patch with plenty of seasonal activities, including corn hole, giant Jenga and a game involving a trebuchet, which is a catapult machine, Doonan said.

Doonan then added that the Harvest Festival will also include a scavenger hunt, pumpkin pie and apple cider provided by the Organic Agriculture Club.

“The biggest draw is definitely the pumpkin patch itself,” she said. “People really like being out in the field and seeing the pumpkins. It just feels so festive out there, and I think it’s such a beautiful location that the students are really going to enjoy.”

The Eggert Family Organic Farm captures the fall ambiance perfectly, Doonan said.

“It’s probably going to be pretty cold, so they’ll be able to wear their sweaters and get those perfect pictures for Instagram out there too, but I think just being out on the farm and having that experience is really good for everyone,” she said.

Doonan said she recommends that attendees purchase a minimum of three pumpkins.

“You’ve got to have at least one with the WSU logo and then for your other spooky logos,” she said.

Students living in the dorms can still make use of the pumpkins they purchase at the Harvest Festival, Doonan said.

“I would recommend either buying pumpkins and painting them instead of carving them or buying a lot of little pumpkins because they make great dorm decor and they don’t take up as much room,” she said.

She hopes to spread the public interest in agriculture and to let students know that they do not need to major in agriculture or have any previous experience to join the Organic Agriculture Club, Doonan said.

“I think my favorite thing is how hands-on we are,” she said. “The farm is kind of our home base.”

Jordyn Patterson, Doonan’s roommate and a marketing major, joined the club last August, Patterson said.

“I’ve always kind of been interested in agricultural stuff,” Patterson said. “I’m from a small town in Ohio where it’s a big deal, and I never really had a chance to get involved. It’s been fun learning.”

Patterson also enjoys the festive side of planning the Harvest Festival, she said.

“I’m Halloween’s biggest fan,” Patterson said. “We’re going to have a lot of fun little activities that are involved with the spooky season, and I just feel like the atmosphere of a pumpkin patch on the Palouse with all the leaves changing is a good way to get into those vibes.”

Patterson said that the Harvest Festival is truly a special event.

“The mixture of the students with the community make it a unique situation,” Patterson said. “It gives you these hometown feels and a chance to just feel at home in the Palouse and make it more comforting.”

The Harvest Festival will take place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday at the Eggert Family Organic Farm on the corner of Terre View Drive and Animal Sciences Road behind the bear facility.

There will be signs directing people toward the farm on the day of the festival. Prices for purchasing pumpkins are available on The Harvest Festival Facebook page.