Council leaders confident action plan will improve Greek system

DAN DOUCET, Evergreen opinion editor

With the start of the new semester, the ban placed on Greek community events in the fall has been lifted and the community action plan has gone into effect.

The plan requires chapters to participate in educational programs centered on mental health, sexual violence and alcohol and drug abuse.

There will be Greek-led, campus-wide philanthropies regarding mental health and sexual assault awareness, according to the plan. The plan also includes guidelines for risk management during chapter social events, requiring different numbers of risk monitors at events, depending on the number of attendees.

Inter-fraternity Council President Dakota Renz said he is confident the moratorium served its purpose and that the Greek community will come forward to work on the goals it set forth in the Community Action Plan. He said the plan was effectively communicated to all of the chapter delegates and presidents that participated in the process.

“It was a community-wide document,” Renz said. “We’ve set minimum and realistic standards that the community needs to hold itself to.”

He said it is important to emphasize the moratorium was not intended to be a solution, but was instead to take the time to set forth a plan.

“We are taking a proactive approach versus being reactive,” Renz said. “It served the purpose of being a wake-up call.”

He said the number of incidents last semester was concerning and made the moratorium necessary. It is important for the Greek community to focus on student safety, he said, and they hope to see a drop in the number of incidents with the new policies in place.

The councils will provide opportunities for discussion and take input from the community about the plan, Panhellenic Council President Maddie Johnson said. The council will also have monthly meetings to discuss the plan’s progress. She said the council wants opinions from the entire community on how the action plan is working out.

“It is definitely going to take participation from everyone,” Johnson said.

She said they won’t know what challenges they will face in implementing the plan until after it is in place.

“It will need edits and changes,” Johnson said, “but it will work right now for the spot we are in.”