Halloween weekend crime roundup

With thousands of alcohol-fueled partiers gathering in Pullman, Halloweek has become some of the most crime-heavy days of the year.

This year, there were 21 arrests, 16 assaults/harassments, 24 ambulance rides to the hospital and 22 reports of theft/burglaries from Friday to Monday of the Halloween weekend.

Though the police are accustomed to increased crime on weekends, WSU Police Assistant Chief Steve Hansen said the sheer volume increased significantly this weekend.

There were a string of burglaries, which mostly focused on houses and apartments on College Hill. Pullman Police Sgt. Jake Opgenorth said most of the burglaries occurred because of unlocked doors and could have been prevented. Suspects primarily stole electronics including cell phones and laptops which police are actively searching for.

Besides electronics, however, alcohol was stolen from Sunset Mart by four men on Sunday. They have posted pictures on their Facebook page and asks for anyone to give the police any information regarding the case.

There were also many assaults, injuries and illnesses that Opgenorth contributed to much higher levels of alcohol consumption than other weekends.

Pullman Fire Lt. Andrew Chiavaras said because of overdoses, their treatment had to be a lot more aggressive. In some instances, responders used breathing tubes when individuals consumed too much alcohol and could not breathe.

Assaults and fights primarily consisted of punches. However, there were incidents where people were shoved into bathrooms, a man slammed another’s head on the sink, and a domestic violence case in which a man was arrested.

There were also a few incidents of injuries caused by intoxicated individuals falling, drunk driving, assaulting or fighting others. Though many of these incidents involved individuals being transported to the hospital, Opgenorth believes there were no serious injuries.

Most of the arrests were alcohol-related, consisting mostly of DUIs, minors in possession of alcohol or others distributing alcohol to minors.

Most of the arrests were made by Pullman Police while WSU Police issued a lot of warnings.

In regards to this, Assistant Chief Hansen said their focus was safety but they still wanted people to have a good time.

Though the majority of Halloween incidents in the past have been primarily done by people from outside of Pullman, Jacob said there were about an equal number of locals and non-locals this year. However, the number of calls was the same this year as previous years. Chiavaras said there were less arrests and less intense fights. Even so, all departments still had a lot of calls come in. Pullman Fire had 73 calls from Thursday to Monday, which is normally around 40.

Chiavaras said, there were fewer incidents this year on Monday, though the overall amount since this weekend was similar to last year and this trend is expected to continue in the coming year.