Political donations from WSU staff and Pullman residents


Pullman residents donated a total of $33,476 to presidential nominees this election season, according to the Federal Election Commission’s website for presidential campaign finance.

Sixty five donors gave a total of $30,460 to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign, averaging about $469 per donor. The highest donation amount was $3,153 by Beth Blakesley, WSU associate dean of libraries. Blakesely said she supports Clinton because of her background as a senator, secretary of state, and her extensive public service experience.

“She is the most qualified candidate we have ever had, period,” Blakesley said, “Her policies will take the country in the right direction.”

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign gathered $2,516 from 14 different donors, with an average donation amount of $132. Charles Leathers made the largest donation to Trump, totaling $720.

Susie Flack, a Pullman resident, said she and her husband passionately support Trump and donated numerous times to his campaign. She said they support Trump because he is pro-life, in favor of religious freedom and the Second Amendment, and protects family farms. She said they are tired of the corruption on the other side.

“We want change,” Flack said, “We want the Constitution to be upheld.”

Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson received $500 from a single Pullman donor, Edmund O. Schweitzer III, founder and president of Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL). However, earlier this year in May, Schweitzer donated $100,200 to the National Republican Congressional Committee, according to the Center for Responsive Politics’ Open Secrets.

Reporting by Dan Doucet and Jessica Zhou