S&A Committee meeting held

Eight groups presented how funds granted were used within respective programs



Emma Mcnivin, who spoke in support of the WSU Children’s Center, says the center uses S&A funds to offer students assistance with costs on Wednesday at the Lighty building.

BENJAMIN WHITE, Evergreen reporter

The Student Activities and Service Fees Committee heard presentations from departments in the university, reviewing how they have been working over the semester with their funding on Wednesday night.

Eight groups presented to the Committee, detailing the accomplishments and efforts made by their programs, the budget that programs requested from the committee, the funds granted and how they have dealt with shortfalls.

The financial workings of the departments throughout this year will help the S&A committee decide what it will grant in the budget for the 2020-2021 school year.

Paula Adams, associate director of health promotion, along with Bekah MillerMacPhee, health promotion lead, and two students presented information from health promotion, which is a department within Cougar Health Services.

Health promotion requested $307,790 from the S&A fee committee, which it was granted.

“We have three pillars in health promotion. They are mental health promotion and suicide prevention, sexual violence prevention, [and] alcohol and substance use,” MillerMacPhee said.

Adams said these goals are attained through programs like Green Dot and Booze, Sex and Reality Checks. Since last year, they have increased the number of workshops from 431 to 630 and the number of participants from 14,000 to 16,000.

Brenda Boyd, executive director of the Children’s Center, and Heather Havey, director of the Children’s Center, presented on behalf of the center.

The Children’s Center uses the $404,516 in S&A fees it received for this school year by offering fee assistance to students who have children in the program, Boyd said.

Student parents pay 70 percent of the tuition fee for the Children’s Center, and the other 30 percent is covered by fee assistance, she said.

The Children’s Center budget includes $82,743 that helps cover about 60 student wages, according to a presentation provided by Boyd and Havey.

The Daily Evergreen was represented by Editor-In-Chief Rachel Sun, Managing Editor Jacqui Thomasson, Director of Student Media Richard Miller and Fiscal Specialist Denise Boyd. They requested $253,882 and were granted $248,882.

A Committee member asked if the future of The Daily Evergreen was going to be an online newspaper. Miller said there is a great benefit to both students and readers when the newspaper is published daily.