Pullman Co-op finalizes location

Plan is to include a full-service bakery and regional products

Kaitlyn Tejero , Evergreen reporter

The Pullman Good Food Co-op board members have picked the new location to house the co-op.

Co-op board member Sue Guyett said they have chosen the former laser tag building on 1234 South Grand Ave.

“We are pursuing this location based on member input and board consensus,” she said.

Guyett said selecting this location took around one-and-one-half years to select, as there was a lot taken into consideration.

There needs to be sufficient parking, enough square footage, a convenient location and an outdoor space, she said.

The timing of the new location’s opening depends on memberships, Guyett said.

“Food co-ops need a significant membership base before the store opens,” she said. “We are seeking founding members who help get the food co-op started.”

Guyett said they currently have seven board members, around 12 advisers and 120 members who are helping Pullman’s food co-op.

“We have eight stages of development in our process of opening the store, and the board’s work has brought the co-op to stage six,” she said.

Guyett said the co-op board hopes to open a full-service grocery store. The store would include a bakery and regional products such as produce, grains and meat.

Memberships must increase for Pullman’s own Good Food Co-op to open, she said.

“When the doors open, we anticipate employing 20 to 30 locals who will help run the store and a few dozen local farmers and food processors,” she said.