Yakima woman allegedly impersonates WSU official, steals $92,000

Yakima police arrested a woman on Friday for allegedly impersonating a WSU official and purchasing nearly $92,000 worth of Apple computers.

Sgt. Tim Bardwell of the Yakima Police Department said the woman made three separate purchase orders, the first two of which totaled about $92,000. She spent them on iPads and Macbooks, which she had delivered to her home in Yakima.

The FedEx delivery driver became suspicious during the third delivery, which totaled about $42,000, and did not deliver it. Bardwell said FedEx contacted WSU officials, who then contacted the Yakima Police Department on Friday.

The woman was arrested for first-degree theft and first-degree trafficking of stolen property. She was booked in Yakima County jail on Friday but is now on pre-trial release.

Reporting by Dan Doucet