Senate updates on ResLife

A bill to change the names of two student organizations and an update on interactions with Residence Life led the conversation at Wednesday’s ASWSU Senate meeting.

Several weeks have transpired since the Senate passed a resolution urging the Department of Residence Life to define an appeals process in its paraprofessional contract.

Over the past few weeks, senators have discussed negotiations with several university officials, including Dean of Students Melynda Huskey. Discussions involved creating a more transparent contract for future students who might be interested in applying for a resident advisor position.

“Currently we are working together with the department to come up with some document that better represents what they refer to a lot as their culture,” Sen. Hayley Hohman said.

Hohman said the senate is awaiting developments as Residence Life is in the middle of gathering the results of an employee survey.

Senators have met with Edwin Hamada, director of Residence Life, twice since his public address to the entire senate weeks ago.

Hohman said a recent meeting with Hamada and other members of Residence Life emphasized collaborative efforts.

Also on the agenda, Committee Square next week will approve or deny Bill 43-07, a measure that would enact name alterations to the Environmental Task Force and the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Allies (GLBTA) groups.

A representative body of the 12 ASWSU committees, the Committee Square acts whenever name changes are proposed, said Kevin Massimino, Senate chair and ASWSU vice president .

If Committee Square passes the bill, the Environmental Task Force will become the Environmental Sustainability Alliance (ESA) and the GLBTA will become the Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA).

The bill states the purpose of the GLBTA is “To promote pride, respect, inclusion, diversity [and] education within and outside of the Gender, Sexually and Romantically diverse community and their allies.”

The new titles would become official immediately upon passing of the bill, according to the document.