MEChA confirms election candidates

Candidates compete for four open positions; share strengths, weaknesses, goals



Raul Jimenez, new empowerment and self-determination co-chair elect, talks about what he plans to do within his new position on Monday evening in the Smith Center for Undergraduate Education.

ANDREA GONZALEZ, Evergreen reporter

Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán (MEChA) held elections for four positions including fundraising chair, ASWSU representative, public relations chair as well as empowerment and self determination chair. 

Alex Barragan ran for MEChA fundraising chair. He said he wanted to get involved more with MeCha. He has been a general member for about a year. 

“[I want to] try to work with incorporating culture and not just Mexican culture but Hispanic cultures,” he said. 

Barragan said he is qualified for the job because he has experience with fundraising. He said he raised around $10,000 for PRIDE in Seattle and has fundraised for the Red Cross in Mexico. 

Barragan said he fundraised money by selling traditional Mexican food and second-hand clothing. This year he wants to try to do a raffle with Mexican blankets, he said. 

Barragan said procrastination is his weakness. However, he said it is also his strength because under pressure he does his best work. 

Lorena Zepeda ran to become MEChA’s ASWSU representative. She said being in MEChA can help open doors for her. It will help her become more social and allow her to practice presentation skills, she said. 

“I’m looking for more ways to get involved with the school, and in general, with the community,” she said.

Zepeda said she is a good listener and can attend weekly meetings.

She said her weakness is not prioritizing her responsibilities as well as she should. She said she will work on her prioritization skills. 

Zepeda said her strength is that she works well with other people and is understanding. She said she is a good friend and people can count on her. 

Andrea Avendano ran for public relations chair. She said she is qualified for the position because she had an internship involving public relations and marketing.

Avendano said she has experience running different social media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. She also has experience with blogs and sending professional emails. 

Avendano said she hopes to gain more experience with the position. 

“I really feel like this will help me develop my leadership skills,” Avendano said.

Avendano said her strength and weakness is her goofiness. This is because it can get in the way of being professional but with the position she can develop her professionalism. 

Avendano said her goal is to have people get the information they need in order to stay updated for events and meetings.

Raul Jimenez originally ran for the public relations chair. However, he was nominated for the empowerment and self determination chair by another MEChA member. 

Jimenez said he accepted the nomination when he heard the position’s descriptions because it resonated with him. 

He said he wants to try to empower students by connecting with them and sharing a platform to embrace the different cultures on campus.

“Getting a foot forward into WSU and presenting the underrepresented communities,” he said. 

All four candidates who ran were confirmed into their positions.