OPINION: Enjoy the Fratchelor while you can

Sure the Bachelor style show might have some issues, but you can still enjoy it



A famous philosopher once said, “shoot your shot.” The Fratchelor lets that happen, so if you’re game for it, do it. Maybe you’ll find the one?


“The Fratchelor” had its first live show last Friday in the Chinook. The exciting dating and relationship show is back in “The Fratchelor: Take Two.” It is constructed of 12 women all looking for a partner. This season there is a good mix of women in sororities and those who are not.

Phi Sigma Kappa member Eduardo Rojas will have five rose ceremonies to find the right match for him. Each episode, Rojas will build connections and get to know the women through dates and more.

This opportunity gives Rojas a real chance in making a connection. By dating multiple women at once he can discover the qualities he likes and dislikes in an individual.

Overall, by saving a lot of time and effort in making a true connection. “The Fratchelor,” Rojas will hopefully conclude the show and continue the relationship.

Two years ago, the original Fratchelor Jake Bauman was looking for a new relationship. Bauman had the chance to meet many women and find his perfect match. This was his opportunity to find a romantic partner through the show. 

The season had a surprising ending, where the women told all. This was their chance to give their side of the story and for the show to include the uncut and never seen before scenes. In the end, Bauman made the choice to not choose either woman. He ended the show by saying the last two women deserve better then him. 

“The Fratchelor,” overall, is not considered to be a “normal” way of dating. A man does not normally date 12 girls at the same time. With the process not being seen as typical, there may be considerable concerns from contestants’ friends, family and fraternity or sorority house.

“My brothers have supported me,” Rojas said.

“We [my fraternity brothers and I] have already been planning brotherhood viewing parties when the first episode comes out,” he said.

With all the support of “The Fratchelor” and his journey thus far, there were questions about the support that Rojas was obtaining or lacking.

“There wasn’t any backlash from them [my fraternity brothers] at all. Ever since I told them I was auditioning for it [The Fratchelor] they were all very excited for me to audition,” Rojas said.

One man dating 12 women at once can be a challenging experience for everyone involved. The women looked to friends for support.

“My friends were supportive and excited since I’ve never been in a relationship before, so I think they were excited that I am trying to break out of my shell,” Lauren Prasanna, a senior journalism and media production major, said.

Prasanna found reassurance when entering and becoming a part of the show.

“If you’re the type of lady that likes the relationship to be just you and a guy, rather than adding eleven other girls to the mix, you probably would not enjoy being on this show,” Prasanna said.

Typically, a woman does not seek to date a man who is dating multiple people. However, these contestants knew what they would be getting into when they began the show.

With so many of the contestants being a part of the Greek system, their houses and affiliations outside of the Greek system can play a large role.

The Greek system has been making considerable efforts to create distance between the show and the Greek houses. However, none of the women living in or participating in the Greek system cared to comment on the show.

However, when reaching out to the contestants, they stated that their support has remained consistent.

Though a contestant may not receive outward support from everyone in their lives or Greek house, they have participated in the process to expand their experience in hopes to form a relationship with “The Fratchelor.” The support the contestants are receiving has driven them to follow through with a new and exciting experience.

Rojas has the chance to make a real connection with one of the lucky ladies on the show. With his friends and fraternity brothers supporting him along the way, a true connection could be in his future.