Feedback wanted for 5-year plan

System-wide plan to steer WSU back toward land-grant ideals, public good



The strategic plan, if approved, will act as a rulebook for making institutional decisions. It offers insight into WSU’s core ideology and will be reviewed annually for needed changes.


The deadline to submit feedback on the first draft of the 2020-2025 WSU system strategic plan is approaching. Comments about the draft plan can be submitted through an online survey until the end of the day on Feb. 25. 

Members of the WSU community and external stakeholders drafted the system-wide strategic plan. The plan was created to recommit WSU to the land-grant ideals of serving the public good, according to the plan

The plan provides the steps WSU plans on taking in order to fulfill its vision of being recognized as one of the nation’s top 25 public research universities by 2030, according to the draft. 

The original draft will be revised to incorporate the feedback received in the survey. The revised plan will be presented to the WSU Board of Regents and the community in March, according to the draft. 

If approved, the strategic plan will act as a rulebook for making institutional decisions. The plan will be reviewed yearly by the WSU community. The plan’s objectives and strategies will be revised as the university evolves, according to the draft. 

Many groups on campus such as ASWSU and GPSA are encouraging community members and students to participate in the survey. 

ASWSU President Quinton Berkompas said feedback gives administrators an idea of what parts of the plan need to be protected and what needs to be changed. 

“As WSU students, nobody has a better perspective on what makes WSU great and what things can be improved,” he said. 

Kristen Johnson, chair of university and student affairs for GPSA, said she is on the strategic planning council and helped to put the survey together. 

Johnson said the council is made up of administrators, faculty, community members and students. The process of creating the plan included listening sessions with students and a visioning conference. This was done to get a better understanding of what the community and students want to see included in the plan, she said. 

“This is going to be the final chance for students and the community to weigh in on the strategic plan this year,” she said. 

The first draft of the plan offers insight into WSU’s core ideology and identifies four main institutional goals. The first goal includes research, innovation and creativity. The second includes the student experience.  The third includes outreach, extension, service and engagement. The fourth goal includes institutional effectiveness and infrastructure. 

Each goal is broken down into objectives and possible strategies. The plan states the achievement of each goal will get WSU closer towards achieving its vision of becoming a top 25 research institution. This has also been known as the “Drive to 25.”

Berkompas said it is important WSU finds a balance of elevating academics while still upholding the university’s mission. 

“We have to figure out a way to incorporate them together moving forward,” he said.