Council removes moratorium on pot shops


The Pullman City Council voted at its meeting on Tuesday to allow for two more pot shops in Pullman, and to set the buffer zone between shops and “sensitive areas” to 500 feet.

The Pullman City Council unanimously approved an ordinance at its meeting on Tuesday which repealed the moratorium on new marijuana retail shops in Pullman and set the buffer zone between shops and “sensitive areas” at 500 feet.

The moratorium will end on Sept. 8, allowing for two more shops to be opened in Pullman for a total of five, in accordance with state law.

The ordinance leaves the buffer zone between schools and playgrounds and marijuana retailers at 1,000 feet, while lowering the buffer between retailers and areas like libraries and parks, where children are commonly found.

Pullman Planning Director Pete Dickinson has said he expects the two available spots to fill up quickly.

Reporting by Jessica Zhou