OPINION: Pullman deserves a Qdoba

Having a Taco Bell in Pullman isn’t enough to satiate our lust for cheap ‘Mexican food’



We must break free of our reliance on Moscow for different food options. Getting a Qdoba somewhere in Pullman would be one of the first steps.


It isn’t fair. When the unfortunate feeling of hunger overtakes one’s self, usually the indulgence we choose to satisfy the pain is fast food. For many, it is the spicy, warm feeling of a Qdoba burrito con queso diablo. The fact that Pullman does not have the establishment is a travesty. And when Moscow has two Qdobas all to themselves, that makes the blow even worse.

Listen, Pullman doesn’t need two Subways. Nobody likes Subway that much. Maybe there is an argument for having two McDonalds. But there is absolutely zero reason to have two entire separate Subways and no Qdobas. Taco Bell and Tin Tans frankly don’t cut it. Expanding the overall culinary culture in Pullman is definitely needed, and a Qdoba on campus would be a perfect start.

Before expanding the palette of Pullman, there must be an extermination of those who aren’t doing well. There is never anybody at Pizza Pipeline in the CUB. And as controversial as it is, sushi in a landlocked city is bound to cause food poisoning, and not a single restaurant here is worth the risk. Pullman needs to develop more, with monuments, culture, public service and most importantly, food.

The problem is that Pullman is very much a “stuck in the past” kind of town. We go to the same restaurant, we order the same pizza and we go to the same parties. It’s time to establish ourselves as a diverse town, with a Qdoba. Call it crazy all you want but starting small is important. They didn’t build Rome in a day.

Cora Hernandez, a freshman computer science major, said that she would love to have a Qdoba in Pullman and having a wider selection of food on campus would be beneficial to all.

Moscow has two Qdobas, it may be hard to hear but it is true. There is one right on University of Idaho’s campus, directly next to the Chick-Fil-A. And to make things worse, students at the U of I can door dash those tasty burritos directly to their dorm. They don’t even have to walk. Meanwhile we have to rent out a Coug Bike and go 12 miles to get their exquisite meals, but if someone does that, commend them on their dedication.

The solution to this is simple, either we steal a Qdoba from Moscow, or we use the request form they have on their website.

Qdoba is always willing to hear ideas and will forward location requests to the appropriate people, Qdoba manager Michelle said. They take requests seriously, and with enough nicely worded requests, Pullman could be put on the map.

With a Qdoba, jobs are also brought to Pullman. An employee discount on burritos goes a long way when living off­­ of a college budget. There are plenty of students that would work for Qdoba at the drop of a hat. Adding a new quick service restaurant opens up new economic opportunities in the city and for its citizens. With how small Pullman is, the only place we can go is up.

Granted, there are other restaurants we can see coming to Pullman in the future. For example, there is no good place around here to get a solid meal of fried chicken. And if you’re looking for a gourmet burger, good luck getting anything better than an ultimate cheeseburger from Jack in the Box.

Everybody loves a solid fast food burrito. Having a Qdoba here would boost morale and overall performance of the students on campus. Join the revolution, and let’s get a Qdoba in Pullman.