ASWSU promotes voting with campaign


Students walking in and out of the CUB Aug. 29 by the ballot drop box. ASWSU is putting on events over the next few months to promote student voting.

DAN DOUCET, Evergreen opinion editor

As election season progresses, many students will soon be confronted with their first opportunity to vote.

Paige Campbell, ASWSU director of legislative affairs, said ASWSU will be holding a variety of events over the next couple of months with the aim of boosting student voter participation.

These include a debate between the College Republicans and the Young Democrats Oct. 12 and a voter registration drive called “Goat the Vote,” during which students can take a selfie with a goat.

Travis Ridout, a WSU political science assistant professor, said young people who start voting now will develop a lifelong habit, which in turn will lead them to be more politically aware.

“Voting gives you a license to complain,” he said, “and shows a lot more investment in the political process than clicking ‘like’ on Facebook.”

Since young people tend to have a lower voting turnout, politicians pay less attention to the issues that are important to young people, Ridout said. If young people voted more frequently they would find they had more sway, he said, as most politicians are interested in serving those who will vote them into office.

Ridout said the majority of the American public does not prefer either majority party nominee. The idea of Republican nominee Donald Trump or Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton sitting in the Oval Office scares most people, Ridout said.

“People will see that the stakes are higher in this election,” Ridout said, “and that will motivate them to get out and vote.”

Washington residents can register to vote online, or by picking up a voter registration form at the ASWSU Executive Office in CUB 314, according to the WSU Cougs Vote website. The online and mail in registration deadline for Washington residents is Oct. 10.

Washington residents can also pick up and turn in a voter registration form at Pullman City Hall, said Leann Hubbard, Pullman city clerk and finance director.

Specific registration and voting instructions for residents of all states can befound at the WSU Cougs Vote website.