ASWSU selects committee chairs, vice chairs


Mitchell Weholt, ASWSU director of communications, speaks at the first ASWSU meeting of the semester Wednesday.

The 46th ASWSU Senate appointed Senate committee chairs and vice-chairs at its first meeting on Wednesday.

All-Campus Senators Josue Zuniga and Alyssa Norris were chosen as chair and vice-chair of the Senate Finance Committee.

ASWSU has $80,000 allocated for student use. The committee’s biggest goal is to spend this money on students and student organizations. If ASWSU does not spend the money, it goes back to the university, Zuniga said.

“We are here to help the students,” Norris said.

All-Campus Senator Kyle Simonson and Victor Charoonsophonsak from the College of Engineering and Architecture were chosen as chair and vice-chair of the Senate Internal Committee. Simonson aims to keep the Senate more streamlined while keeping the Senators involved and busy.

“We want to have people constantly working on something week-to-week,” Simonson said.

As vice-chair of the Senate Internal Committee, Charoonsophonsak said he wants to help empower the other ASWSU committees.

Senator Garrett Kalt from the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication and Senator Austin Brown from the College of Arts and Sciences were chosen as chair and vice-chair of the Senate External Committee.

“We are excited to figure out what students want to see this year,” Kalt said. “We are going to represent the Cougs as best we can.”

Mitchell Weholt, ASWSU’s director of communications, presented changes and plans for ASWSU’s website, social media and logo. The website will launch on Sept. 1 and be very simple and focused, Weholt said.

He said the website will include bios for executive members of ASWSU as well as information on all 12 committees.

Weholt pointed to sharp increases in the number of ASWSU’s social media followers during the summer. He cited $100 Bookie gift cards raffled off to incoming students during Alive! orientation for students who follow ASWSU on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

“Our goal for this year is to continue that growth and show people things they want to see,” Weholt said.

He also displayed ASWSU’s new logo design. While not drastically altered, the new logo features a more modern font with a larger Cougar head. To Weholt, the small changes make all the difference in terms of creating a logo that truly connects with students.

The previous font appeared slightly dated from a design standpoint, he said.

“Less of a law firm, more of a student organization,” Weholt said.

ASWSU’s new logo will appear on social media accounts and websites beginning Sept. 1.