Women’s golf competes in Cali

Darcy Habgood returns to play at the Meadow Club Invitational after her time off due to an injury



Amy Chu grew up in Sydney, Australia. She led her high school golf team to back-to-back state championships in 2013 and 2014 before WSU.

EMMA LEDBETTER, Evergreen golf reporter

WSU women’s golf tees off today at the Meadow Club Invitational
hosted by the University of San Francisco in Fairfax, California.

Head coach Kelli Kamimura said senior Marie Lund-Hansen, junior
Emily Baumgart, freshman Jiye Ham and sophomores Amy Chu
and Darcy Habgood will play two 18-hole rounds today and one tomorrow.

Habgood did not play during the second and third rounds of the
team’s last tournament at the Bruin-Wave Invitational, Kamimura
said, but she is now cleared to play.
“I’m excited for her to get out there and compete,” Kamimura said.
“Her game’s in pretty good shape for not being able to practice that

The team’s goal is to have a player place in the top five of every
future tournament, Kamimura said.

Lund-Hansen said the players are currently working on transferring
what they practiced during the off-season into competition.

The Bruin-Wave Invitational was a good first tournament,
Lund-Hansen said, because it helped the players see what they needed
to improve on before playing at Meadow Club, which is an easier

“Our goal is to get one day better every day,” Kamimura said. “One
of our themes the last two weeks has been, ‘when we play at Meadow,
what are you going to do in the next ten days to dominate the player
you were at San Luis Obispo Country Club?’”