Misconduct cited in fraternity suspension

From staff reports

Multiple instances of misconduct, including minors drinking alcohol and students potentially having been drugged, have been cited by the Interfraternity Council (IFC) for Phi Delta Theta’s suspension.

The sanction follows its national headquarters suspending the fraternity after WSU’s Office of Student Conduct began a current investigation into two separate allegations.

The first allegation, according to the IFC’s press release, reports a party or event hosted by the chapter allegedly had alcohol available, provided to and consumed by minors.

The same report alleges two students exhibited signs and symptoms of being drugged.

The second allegation, according to the release, reports alcohol was provided to and consumed by new members during a new member activity at a chapter house. Two new members (both minors) allegedly participated in a competition where members separated into teams based on their pledge class or year and were challenged to consume as much hard alcohol as possible.

A new member was reportedly transported to the hospital due to life threatening blood alcohol levels.

The IFC approved during an emergency senate meeting on Wednesday the new emergency bylaw that was proposed Monday with a 24-1 vote.

In a statement published after the meeting the allegations responsible for the suspension of the Gamma Chapter of Phi Delta Theta were released.

The new bylaw states, “Any chapter suspended by their Inter/National headquarters is subject to suspension from the Interfraternity Senate by a two-thirds vote. A temporary suspension can be enacted by the Executive Council in an emergency situation, but must be confirmed by the Interfraternity Senate within seven days of the Executive Councils suspension.”

A temporary suspension was enacted Monday until this addition could be voted on Wednesday. It was confirmed by the Interfraternity Senate immediately after the bylaw was passed during Wednesday’s meeting.

While the reports are allegations, the IFC stated they do not condone the actions Phi Delta Theta is reportedly responsible for.

Until the Office of Student Conduct finishes its investigation, the fraternity will temporarily lose all benefits of being a member of the IFC. Once the investigation closes, the IFC will evaluate the future of the chapter’s membership.

“We have faith in the Office of Student Conduct to provide a proper investigation and bring a conclusion to this incident,” IFC President Nathan Harris said during the senate meeting on Wednesday.

Reporting by Lance Lijewski