ASWSU election editorial board: Evergreen endorses Cherif-Kalilikane ticket

By The Daily Evergreen editorial board

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The Daily Evergreen editorial board was hard-pressed to make a decision on which ASWSU ticket to endorse for the 2016 school year. After exclusive interviews with each of the tickets, the board firmly believes any of the three would make fine choices for president and vice president.

Each ticket has its own strengths and unique perspectives and ideas. All tickets focused on fixing what they described as internal, systemic issues within ASWSU as an organization.

However, Cherif and Kalilikane have, of the three tickets, the most upper-level ASWSU experience. Cherif is currently director of communication, and Kalilikane is director of diversity.

They are no strangers to the kind of intense pressure that comes with a prestigious political position. Cherif’s time as communication director has included briefing the public when Adam Crouch stepped down last semester, something he thought he’d “never have to do.” He has proven himself capable of effectively handling adversity in his current position, showing what students can expect in future difficult situations.

The two are focused on making ASWSU a better organization for every student, emphasizing the improvement of the individual experience as priority one.

To that end, Kalilikane stresses the importance of multicultural groups having access to resources and funding to allow them to further their programs and host events. He said they will use ASWSU funding to help any group achieve its goals, while enhancing the success of ASWSU’s own programs.

The other two tickets have plenty of qualifying experience outside of ASWSU, but the Cherif-Kalilikane ticket represents a diverse group of students and experiences while also bringing to the table a first-hand understanding of how upper-level executive business works within ASWSU.