Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories creates jobs

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Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories headquarters in Pullman is expanding its production, research and development operations, bringing almost 1,000 new jobs to Pullman.

Schweitzer will be adding two new buildings, creating over 200,000 additional square feet of space according to a press release from Schweitzer. The expansion will make it possible for Schweitzer to hire more than 850 employees over the course of several years, according to a press release from the company.

“The work that will be done in our new buildings is a continuation of what we do today, inventing, designing and building Schweitzer technologies that protect power systems around the world,” said Schweitzer media contact Kate Wilhite.

Technology developed by Schweitzer prevents blackouts and enables customers to improve power system reliability, safety and cost, according to the release.

“Today, we offer numerous products and solutions that ensure the reliability of electric power worldwide,” Wilhite said. Schweitzer technology also protects the nation’s largest data centers, she said.

Jobs ranging from assemblers to administrative professionals to technicians and a variety of engineers will become available Wilhite said.

“Pullman is our headquarters and is where we manufacture the bulk of our product line, so it just makes sense for this expansion to take place here,” Wilhite said.

Stephanie Schweitzer, Corporate Communications Manager and daughter of founder Edmund Schweitzer said it’s exciting knowing that Schweitzer is bringing more jobs to the Palouse. The expansion goes back to Schweitzer’s mission which is to make electric power more accessible and safe.

“We get to make sure more and more folks have reliable power,” Schweitzer said.

Wilhite said Schweitzer works with WSU in a number of ways.

“We employ interns, hire many graduates, assist with student projects and research, teach classes and participate in job fairs,” Wilhite said.

WSU senior Matthew Cato, who will graduate in May with a degree in electrical engineering with a focus in power, has been working with Schweitzer as an intern for almost two years and was recently hired on as an associate protection engineer.

“It’s been an amazing two years,” Cato said. “As you’re taking classes you can apply what you’re learning… they really care about their interns.”

Cato said Schweitzer offers internships that are year round.

According to the press release, construction for the expansion will begin June 2016 and move-in is scheduled for June 2017. Schweitzer has also recently expanded campuses in Charlotte, Boise, Brazil, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia.