Gaming the night away


Foreground to background: Dylan Ward, Eric Amundsen and Kevin Lee warm up for a League of Legends tournament.

Students crowded in front of the door Friday night for the chance to get the best seat in the house to crush their opponents in a melee of technological skill.

The annual WSUCon, hosted by the WSU Linux Users’ Group, started at 5 p.m. in the CUB senior ballroom Friday and continued for 24 hours.

The event is sponsored by the Student Entertainment Board, ASWSU and the Residence Hall Association, and had help from Smash Club, League of Legends Club, and Palouse Games, said Rachel Forbes, president of the Linux User’s Group.

Forbes said not only were they able to provide the space for the gamers to play, they also provided free food in the form of dinner courtesy of Panda Express, an early morning snack, and an entire breakfast buffet courtesy of WSU catering.

“We also actually have people sleep here,” Forbes said. “Like the dedicated people who show up are here for the whole 24 hours that you see, sleeping out on the couches, chairs, and even right under their own tables.”

The six big tournament competitions were League of Legends, Smash Four, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Magic: the Gathering, Team Fortress Two and Super Smash Brothers Melee.

Forbes said many of the smaller battles and other miscellaneous games were played in different areas in the ballroom on their devices but the bigger matches in the tournaments were held on the big screen in the room for everyone to see.

Students entering the ballroom for the competition carried their own computers, TVs and towers, as well as snacks, pillows and blankets.

“This is my second time here,” said Crystal Guan, junior digital technologies and culture (DTC) major. “My group won the first round of the tournament last time.”

Guan mentioned that she had first heard about the event through the League of Legends Club on campus.

“I mostly came to watch the tournament,” said Taylor Thibodeaux, junior linguistics major. “And maybe max out some characters and get some level ups.”

Thibodeaux and her friends were one of the groups that had packed thoughtfully for the event with blankets, pillows and snacks to keep them energized.

“It’s nice to get a break from class and play some games with friends,” said senior biology major Jordan Roberts.

Roberts said WSUCon is a great place for gamer enthusiasts who want to come out for a fun social event where you can meet new people who share the similar interests.