OPINION: Fall is the best season

When the leaves start changing color, that’s when the best season begins



Fall’s cozy atmosphere and changing weather make it a solid candidate for the best season.


Temperatures are finally starting to cool down, and the days are becoming shorter and shorter. Leaves are changing color and falling off the trees, and pumpkin-spice-flavored products are back on the shelf.

Fall has officially begun.

There are only four seasons throughout the year, and fall is the best of them all. For me, it’s the cooler temperatures and seeing the leaves change from green to beautiful oranges and reds. But, I do think they can be a hassle when you have to rake them into piles. Otherwise, fall is one of the most stunning seasons.

The current pandemic has caused many common fall activities to be changed, rescheduled or canceled. However, even during the pandemic, there are still events to participate in, and we can reflect on what would be happening during a typical fall season.

Sophomore Emily Ferguson said one of her favorite things about fall is being part of WSU’s marching band.

“I really love that time of year of us getting to work together and getting to be a part of the whole football experience,” Ferguson said.

Ferguson said the marching band is still happening, but it is occurring online and they don’t get to meet in person.

Though the pandemic has created unusual circumstances, many school activities that usually happen in the fall have gone online or are in person with restrictions.

Football games are a major part of the fall season here in Pullman when it’s a normal year. Everyone in the community comes together in rain or shine to cheer on the team, watch the marching band show at halftime and celebrate being a Coug.

The Pac-12 has recently announced a schedule for upcoming games, but the season has been shortened. There also will be no live audiences at Martin Stadium. However, we will still be able to watch the game from home on TV.

Ferguson said she also enjoys going to pick pumpkins with friends and meeting other fellow Cougs.

Many pumpkin patches currently have social distance and mask rules in place, but they are still an enjoyable part of the fall season. Even if you are unable to go to a pumpkin patch, many stores sell pumpkins. No matter the age, anyone can have a little fun and carve funny or artistic designs on their pumpkins.

Jessie Jewell, sophomore chemical engineering major, said she likes fall because it is back-to-school time.

“For me personally, I kind of like getting back into school because then I have something to do,” Jewell said.

Starting school is a major part of the fall season. This past summer felt different because many events and activities were canceled. However, school must continue despite the pandemic, and many students look forward to going back whether it be online or in person. Though WSU starts at the end of August, school becomes more real when the fall season starts.

Jewell said she also likes spending time with family and doing crafts. Her family decided to make decorations for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

With the current circumstances, it can be challenging to get together with people outside of our households. However, we can still find fun ways to spend time with immediate family and to celebrate the upcoming holidays.

Fall is also the last time that we can enjoy outside with family and friends socially-distanced, of course, before frigid winter temperatures blow in. When the snow starts falling and temperatures drop below freezing, it will be more difficult to safely interact with people outside of our household.

Even if fall may not be your favorite season or if current pandemic restrictions have changed your traditional fall plans, fall can still be one of the most gorgeous and joyful times of the year.