Winter Market wonderland


At the Winter Market, produce, art and jewelry are available as holiday gifts. All of the products are handmade by local artists.

When winter blows in, the Palouse community snuggles into blankets, holiday music and eggnog, but many miss the warmth of the sun and the camaraderie summer brings at the seasonal farmer’s market.

Heart of the Arts, Inc. (HAI) at the 1912 Center of Moscow will put on its last Winter Market of the season this weekend. Although it’s freezing outside, the winter market welcomes inspired artisan items and local farmers to display their wares with open arms.

“HAI, the nonprofit that runs the 1912 Center for the community, wants to connect people with the old high school building, using the arts as a means to do that,” Executive Director of HAI Jenny Kostroff said.

All items are handmade original works or fresh foods that will be available for purchase or special order in-house. There will be a variety of gifts, produce from various vendors, a choice of soups for lunch and many delectable desserts all in one place.

“The Winter Market (creates) a sense of community and togetherness, as well as excitement for the season,” said Molly Rizzuto of Goose House Bakery, who will provide desserts to patrons at the market.

The Winter Market is like a farmer’s market, but tailored toward the holiday season. Many of the same vendors that participate in the Moscow Farmer’s Market from May through October will be participating in the Winter Market.

“There is a connection with the community and the products at the Winter Market, and it is a feel-good way to support small businesses (in the community),” said Kate Jaeckel of Orchard Farm Soaps, a vendor at the Winter Market.

Handmade all-natural soaps, fresh-baked cakes and desserts, unique jewelry, fresh fruit, original painting prints, detailed ceramic pieces, tree ornaments and much more will be offered by the more than 30 vendors participating.

“There is such an enthusiasm for each vendor and their goods by the public (at the Winter Market),” Rizzuto said.