Women’s networking group to establish WSU chapter

Organization is looking for student leaders to oversee WSU chapter before it is established



The members of Syracuse University’s The Women’s Network chapter on a networking trip to NYC.

TRINITY WILLSEY, Evergreen reporter

The Women’s Network, a group where women in higher education can connect and share resources with one another, is working to establish a chapter at WSU by the end of January 2021.

The organization allows students to connect with established career women, as well as women from different schools who have similar goals and mindsets, said Ivana Ramirez, TWN national account manager intern. 

Students can gain insight into different industries, ranging from political science to graphic design, said Jamie Vinick, TWN founder and president.

“To build your network, to build confidence and to learn practical soft skills that are rarely discussed, nor taught at a university level,” she said.

TWN is in the process of recruiting students on campus to oversee WSU chapters, Ramirez said.

University of Washington has one of the largest network chapters, Vinick said. UW students shared their positive experiences with the network on social media, which caused WSU students to reach out to TWN and ask to have a chapter established at the university.

“We believe that Washington State University has the kind of goals and women that are present in a lot of the chapters that we have as well: equally ambitious, talented and really looking to get involved,” Ramirez said.

Vinick said she founded the organization in 2017 to connect like-minded, ambitious women. Vinick was inspired after attending an event where the guest speaker spoke about her success as a banking executive in a male-dominated field.

“I realized that the topic of gender in the workplace is incredibly taboo and uncomfortable for a lot of people to discuss,” she said.

The TWN executive board for each chapter organizes a wide range of events, including guest speaker events, LinkedIn workshops and resume advice, Ramirez said.

There are also speaker and networking events at the national level, Ramirez said. Students can learn about professional and personal relationship developments.

At these events, powerful women across many industries are invited to speak, Vinick said. They talk about success in their careers, offer advice and address sexual harassment and gender equality in the workplace.

Chapter members participate in virtual networking trips held with companies such as the Los Angeles Times, Pixar, pharmaceutical companies, consulting firms and nonprofits, she said.

“You can be as involved, or as little involved, as you’d like,” Vinick said. “We always tell people you get out what you put in.”

TWN has more than 17,000 members nationwide, Vinick said. The organization is planning on expanding to 20 additional campuses, including WSU.

“[Undergraduate students in TWN] need to connect with women in an environment that is not competitive and where the sole goal is to connect with each other and celebrate ambition,” Vinick said.

Editor’s Note: This story was corrected. The Women’s Network is recruiting students for WSU’s chapter.