Collision on Pullman Albion Road results in one fatality

From staff reports

Pullman Police responded to a call for a fatal head-on collision about 8:30 Monday morning on Pullman Albion Road. The deceased has been identified as Daniel Popp, 38, who lists a Moscow, Idaho, residence, Pullman Police Cmdr. Chris Tennant said.

Popp, the driver of the Honda involved in the accident, had to be pulled from the sedan, Tennant said.

The other man involved in the crash, the driver of the SUV, is Christopher Coffman, 29, who lists a Pullman address. The condition of Coffman is unknown aside from being treated for non-life-threatening injuries at Pullman Regional Hospital, Tennant said.

Both vehicles were single occupancy. Both drivers appeared to be wearing seat belts, and both airbags deployed.

Deputy Vince Waltz, technical collision investigator, said the last fatal crash on Pullman Albion road was about 10 years ago and involved an elderly couple whose car crossed over the center line.

“We pretty much patrol that road every day by one or more officers,” Waltz said.

The town of Albion is a contract town and because of this the road has four to five officers assigned specifically to the town, Waltz said. This makes Pullman Albion Road more heavily patrolled than others because I-95 is such a major route to Pullman. 

Waltz said he believes that traffic from the Veterinary Medical Research and Development building (VMRD), which is just over the crest of the hill, contributes significant traffic risks. The road also receives many non-fatal accidents due to the deer that often walk across the road, he said.

The cause of the crash is still unknown.

Reporting by Hannah Street and Dustin Brennan

Additional reporting by Kayla Bonar