Incoming freshmen prepare for unique in-person first year at WSU

Freshman is excited for dorm living; thinks it is possible to have in-person class with the proper safety protocols



Kaia Lindstrand lives in a split household, her mom was a Cougar and her dad was a Husky. She loves the campus atmosphere at WSU and says it is a home away from home.


As WSU considers making in-person courses available for the fall semester, incoming freshmen are preparing to make the transition from their hometown to Pullman.

Kaia Lindstrand, Zillah High School senior, said she is choosing to attend WSU because she has always loved the atmosphere. She said she lives in a split household, her mom was a Cougar and her dad was a Husky, but she has always loved WSU’s campus. 

“I’ve been to campus quite a few times for band concerts,” she said. “It kind of feels like a home away from home and I really like it.” 

Lindstrand said she likes the idea of attending classes in person because she has been online all year. 

“It’s really frustrating because I’m a senior,” she said. “I think that with the right safety protocols and everything, that would be [a good idea].”

Lindstrand said she is excited to go to campus and live in a dorm even though the college experience is going to be different than what she expected. 

She said she wants to enjoy things, like being able to go to class and sporting events.

“I really like sports … I’ve been to a couple football games and those are always fun,” she said. “I am really excited to meet new people.” 

Chris Thompson, Columbia Basin College transfer student, said he chose WSU because of the environment and the short distance from home. 

Thompson thought the pandemic would be over by the time he finished community college. 

“When all this started, I don’t think many people thought it would be going on now,” he said. “It’s a little weird having it still going on.”

Thompson said he wants classes to be in person next semester, but it is okay if they remain virtual.

“If it’s safe, then that’s fine with me, and if it takes a little longer to get back to normal, I can do Zoom classes and be just fine with that,” he said. 

Thompson expects more challenging classes at WSU than CBC. He is excited to be around more people.

Thompson is looking forward to living on his own, but is worried about being away from his parents.

“I’ve never been in a different town from my family for a long period of time, so it will be scary striking out on my own,” he said.