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The starting materials to make a PB&J sandwich include bread, peanut butter, jelly, a knife and your imagination. There is almost no way to make it incorrectly.

SATIRE: Right way to make PB&J exists

SAMANTHA RADCLIFFE, Evergreen columnist September 13, 2021

Some families disagree over whether the Earth is flat. Others disagree over whether climate change exists. Not in my household. No, we have a long-standing debate about the correct way to make a PB&J...

Folded over or under? The most divisive argument of the century is which way the toilet paper roll is supposed to face.

SATIRE: Opposing opinions lead to divorce for some, hilarity for others

GRACE LAPIERRE June 14, 2021

People have opinions on almost everything. This is great for the existence of an opinion section in a newspaper, but all in all, can be a pain. People can argue over the dumbest stuff, like that blue and...

With its wide variety of topping choices and a reliably sweet and smooth taste, soft serve is the ultimate ice cream experience.

Hard ice cream is great, but soft serve is better


I love ice cream. Especially soft serve. My mother and I would go to Byrne Dairy now and then during the summer to get a chocolate and vanilla soft serve. A golf course nearby also had soft serve, including...

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