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Letter to the editor: Take a knee for injured players


November 15, 2017

Most of us in the stands watched with concern as Oregon State University redshirt junior quarterback Jake Luton was attended to after being injured in the Sept. 16 football game versus WSU. However, while most eyes were on Luton, my eyes were on the WSU players and coaching staff. For the vast majority...

Letter to the editor: Performing arts essential to students


November 15, 2017

This is a tragic development. Fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry and the long form essay are all part and parcel of the “arts,” as well as the performing arts such as dance, theatre and musical theatre. The visual arts, which include sculpture, painting and mixed media have become intertwined in...

Letter to the editor: No ‘hate speech’ exception


November 15, 2017

On Sept. 29, The Daily Evergreen published a letter from Tim Charters, WSU alumnus, in which he claims that “Freedom of speech stops at the infringement of others.” Charters is wrong. The Supreme Court, most recently (unanimously) in Matal v. Tam in 2017, has ruled that there is no “hate speech”...

Letter to the editor: Schulz going in wrong direction


November 15, 2017

Last semester, WSU President Kirk Schulz announced a new direction for WSU. The university would be focusing on academics, and before we knew it, we would be a top-25 research university. A most admirable goal for our humble school. I am so glad to see President Schulz taking big steps in the right direction,...

Letter to the editor: AG wasting taxpayer money


November 15, 2017

Democratic Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s office initiated its 19th lawsuit against the Trump administration, this time for rescinding Obama administration requirements that employer plans provide contraceptive coverage. However, the Congressional Budget Office 2016 Affordable Care Act Baseline...

Letter to the editor: WSU football needs to justify its existence


November 15, 2017

I was disappointed to receive the email from WSU President Kirk Schulz and Provost Dan Bernardo regarding the Sept. 29 football game against University of Southern California. Many in my department found the message quite disheartening. One can hardly imagine a clearer statement that — for at least...

Letter to the editor: Promote sustainable agricultural practices


November 15, 2017

As corporate farms expand, small farmers are pushed aside in favor of cash crop growers subsidized by the U.S. Farm Bill. While the USDA predicts net agricultural income will increase this year, individual farmers’ debt will increase and household income will remain level after a 6-percent drop in...

Letter to the editor: WSU must educate on campus safety


November 14, 2017

In the time that I have attended WSU, which has only been about three months now, I have heard numerous reports of shootings not only here at our university, but around the nation as all of us have. In fact, in the early hours this morning, I had to call 911 because I heard what sounded like gunshots...

Letter to the editor: Theater gives WSU soul


November 14, 2017

President Schulz’s proposal to cut the Performing Arts department is, in my opinion, a terrible idea and one that will likely cost the university far more than it saves. The theater and music departments of a university – any university – are what give it a soul. Theater gives students, especially...

Letter to the editor: Do not legalize gun silencers

PAT BATES | Clarkston

October 10, 2017

Common sense, a hearing aid, a belief in humanity? What is going to make Cathy McMorris Rodgers quit working for the NRA and protect the people? Why would she want to hide a bill that would allow gun silencers to be bought by anyone? Why would she support hiding the bill in a seemingly good bill entitled...

Letter to the editor: Hate speech is not political


September 29, 2017

It is the responsibility of the state legislation to oversee the operations of WSU. As a land grant university, the state has overseen the university for over 100 years. The president is under the board of directors and the legislators. WSU has not provided an inclusive environment over the last two...

Letter to the editor: Administrators crossed a line with faculty academic freedom

David Demers, Phoenix AZ

September 19, 2017

I congratulate Cody Cottier, Evergreen reporter, for his investigative story, “CAHNRS conflicts undermining academic freedom, faculty say.” Allow me to supplement his report with a few more facts and observations: 1. A culture of termination has existed at WSU for several decades now, as Vice Provost...

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