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Society recognizes the importance of the female orgasm for pleasure, but there could be a biological reason women come.

Orgasms help women choose sexual partners

MAGGIE QUINLAN , Evergreen reporter October 12, 2018

In our culture, we often view the female orgasm as an elusive or unimportant part of sex. But times are changing and women’s pleasure is moving into the spotlight. This year, one of the courses at...

If you want to avoid being walked in on, keep the noises to a minimum and hope for the best.

Roommates know how to make sex awkward

KATIE ARCHER, Evergreen reporter October 12, 2018

Many people share a living space with a non-romantic roommate during and after college. Living in close proximity with someone else will eventually bring some challenges that may affect the living situation....

Nothing is more important to sex than consent

Nothing is more important to sex than consent

KRISTIN BULZOMI, Evergreen columnist October 12, 2018

Consent is words or conduct indicating a freely-given agreement to have sexual intercourse or sexual contact, according to Washington state law. It is required for anyone to engage in any type of sexual...

Using proper protection during sexual activities is important in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies and STDs.

Protection is important no matter what

HAYLEY MARTINEZ, Evergreen reporter October 12, 2018

Students who engage in risky behaviors without protecting themselves can make them more vulnerable to sexually transmitted disease. Currently, Whitman County has the highest STD rate per capita in Washington....

Stereotypes can affect races through sexualization

JAYCE CARRAL, Evergreen reporter October 12, 2018

Big bootied black women, curvaceous Latinx women with fiery tempers and quiet, submissive Asian women. These are some of the stereotypes that have littered media and society, leading to unrealistic expectations...

The winning mentality of athletes just might contribute to longer, better sex.

Athletes’ endurance gives them advantage in bedroom

TAYLOR DUNLAP, Evergreen sports editor October 12, 2018

Athletes are viewed as people who are physically and mentally fit in whichever sport or workout they are interested in. They are icons people admire and imitate simply because of how great they are at...

Car sex can be fun under the right conditions.

Car sex can be fun but requires preparation

CHLOE GRUNDMEIER, Evergreen reporter October 12, 2018

Car sex isn’t just for teenag­ers hiding from their parents and can be a fun, flirty experience. However, it comes with its own sets of challenges couples should be aware of before driving off to a...

Asexuality comes in more than one form, including variations in both romantic and sexual attraction.

Exploring the asexuality spectrum of love, not sex

JAYCE CARRAL, Evergreen reporter October 12, 2018

Asexuality, as described by the Trevor Project, is a sexual identity spectrum in which love does not equal sex. People who fall on the spectrum may or may not engage in romantic or sexual relationships. “I’m...

Tinder: use with caution

MADYSEN MCLAIN, Evergreen roots editor October 12, 2018

On college campuses, dating apps like Tinder are a common way to match up with possible romantic interests. Here are some of the experiences students have had using them. New age flirting Sophomore...

Asexuals are often referred to as “aces.”

Asexuality exists on a spectrum

LUKE HUDSON, Evergreen reporter October 13, 2017

For many people, physical intimacy plays a big role in their attraction to others, but this isn’t always the case for every couple. Those who are asexual can feel little or no physical attraction to...

The porn industry tends to be male-dominated, from production to consumption.

Porn: Made for men, by men

SYDNEY BROWN, Evergreen reporter October 13, 2017

A woman navigating the male-dominated porn industry is often placed in a tricky, sometimes dangerous, position. According to a study done by Covenant Eyes, 2015 pornography statistics show that most...

One of our photo editors' favorite photo illustrations of this edition: A literal take on morning wood.

Understanding the science behind morning wood

RIDGE PETERSON, Evergreen reporter October 13, 2017

Both men and women can have “wet dreams” and “morning wood.” While nocturnal emissions and arousal are much more noticeable in men than women, both genders experience this common phenomenon. Although...

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