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The student voice of Washington State University since 1895

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The student voice of Washington State University since 1895

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Sometimes all you need to show some love is a preen and a pebble

Love in the Animal Kingdom

MASON MARON February 8, 2023

For some couples, buying chocolates is enough to say 'I love you.' For others, a pebble will suffice. With the approaching warm weather being ideal conditions for many animals to raise their young,...

Cubs often learn how to hunt from their mother.

Parents of the Palouse

ISABELLE BUSCH, Evergreen reporter, columnist March 31, 2022

Parents’ Weekend is just a day away. Whether your parents are visiting this weekend or waiting for a slightly less crowded one, this weekend is the perfect time to appreciate all they do for you. It...

Gray squirrel tracks adorning the snow in front of Eastlick Hall on Jan. 27.

Who made that print?

ISABELLE BUSCH, Evergreen reporter, columnist February 3, 2022

Winter is a wonderful time of the year for hiking because snow is a superb tracking medium. Tracks are hard to miss in snow and are often well preserved. Many species on campus leave distinctive tracks....

A female fox squirrel eats maple seeds off of a tree on the Pullman WSU Campus, Monday, May 3, 2021.

Wildlife of the Week: fox squirrel

MASON MARON January 13, 2022

The fox squirrel is a species familiar to almost every WSU student, whether they know it or not. The famous (and sometimes infamous) “campus squirrels” are this species, and one of the only squirrels...

A human cell infected with Brucella abortus bacteria (red) that multiply within their intracellular niche (green).

Removal of Brucellosis protein combats bacterial infection

TRINITY WILLSEY, Evergreen reporter December 2, 2021

WSU researchers discovered that the removal of a protein could help combat an infectious disease called Brucellosis.  Brucellosis is a livestock disease that can be transmitted to humans through...

Peaches the pony is being held by a metal sling as she recovers from her paralyzing injury.

Peaches the pony perseveres through injury

JUSTIN WASHINGTON, Evergreen research editor October 28, 2021

It took 10 weeks, but the WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital helped a paraplegic miniature pony regain some of her mobility again. Peaches, a 15-year-old miniature pony, developed a spinal cord injury...

Whoo, whoo, is that? Rose Smetana is holding Sprite, WSU Raptor Club’s resident male great horned owl.

Have a happy owl-oween!

ISABELLE BUSCH, Evergreen reporter, columnist October 27, 2021

Poem by Isabelle Busch Flaming yellow eyes deliver a piercing stare, Fluffed, horn-like tufts at the ready to flare. A sharp beak emits a threatening hiss, What kind of frightening creature...

Maddie, a 13-year-old lab mix, is instructed to walk on the underwater treadmill.

A dog’s recovery through a ruff time

TRINITY WILLSEY, Evergreen reporter October 21, 2021

Maddie, a 13-year-old lab mix, obtained a fracture in her elbow as a puppy. Her elbow healed, but she later developed arthritis. Thanks to the WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Maddie’s quality of life...

Hikers can see sunflowers at the arboretum.

Autumn adventure: Visit WSU Arboretum

ISABELLE BUSCH, Evergreen reporter, columnist September 30, 2021

As the days shorten and the leaves dry, there’s no better pastime than taking a stroll through the WSU Arboretum, which is right on campus.  When I visited the arboretum, I stayed for about 90...

Left: River otter. Center: Wolverine. Bottom: American badger. Right: Ermine. Top: Pine marten.

Marvelous Mustelids

ISABELLE BUSCH, Evergreen reporter, columnist September 15, 2021

When you see a weasel slink down a burrow, a badger trot off across the prairie, or an otter dive back under the waves, you might not realize they all have something in common. They are all mustelids. Mustelidae...

Adopt more black cats because theyre just as sweet and cuddly as other cats.

OPINION: Adopt more black cats

PORTIA SIMMONS October 28, 2020

Black cats are associated with bad luck. Unfortunately, this superstition has affected black cat adoptions today. Ashley Phelps, Whitman County Humane Society director of shelter operations, said the...

PETA requested the Washington State Auditor’s Office to investigate whether WSU spent taxpayer dollars on experiments involving animals labeled as non-essential.

PETA asks state auditor to investigate WSU research with animals during COVID-19

BRADLEY GAMBLE, Evergreen reporter September 23, 2020

The animal rights organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals requested a state audit regarding WSU research involving animals labeled as “unnecessary.”  PETA requested the Washington...

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