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The student voice of Washington State University since 1895

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The student voice of Washington State University since 1895

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Drs. Joy Erlenbach and Karyn Rode collecting samples from a polar bear captured during the study in Wapusk National Park, Canada. Photo courtesy of Charles Robbins

WSU researchers find polar bears unlikely to adapt to longer summers

SHERIDAN ROBBINS, Evergreen reporter February 26, 2024

Charles Robbins, WSU school of the environment research director, assisted in the conduction of a study that observed the behavior of polar bears during the summer months. “The take-home message from...

Philosophy associate professor Michael Goldsby warns listeners not to vilify climate deniers in the climate change debate

WSU professor gives presentation on reasoning of climate denial

AIMEE SULIT, Evergreen reporter October 28, 2023

Philosophy associate professor Michael Goldsby presented on the logic behind climate denial Thursday at the Foley Institute. CC1, CC2 and CC3 are three basic claims about climate change supported by...

October generally sees an average maximum temperature of 59 degrees, with Oct. 8s temperature exceeding that by more than 20 degrees

Pullman experiences unusually hot October

AIMEE SULIT, Evergreen reporter October 21, 2023

Pullman experienced a high temperature of around 84 degrees Oct. 8. Daniel Butler, Spokane National Weather Service general forecaster, said a temperature increase such as this was not entirely unprecedented. “It...

Anne Pisor, Associate Professor of Anthropology, going over cultures role in adaptation to climate change

Foley Institute hears of cultural elements of climate change

AIMEE SULIT, Evergreen reporter October 20, 2023

Anne Pisor, WSU Associate Professor of Anthropology and Human Sociality Lab Director discussed adaptation in terms of the effects of climate change Oct. 19 at the Foley Institute. Understanding adaptation...

Anne Pisor, WSU associate anthropology professor, hopes to extend the reach of the information presented in the journal to other areas

WSU professor edits special edition of scientific journal

TATE YOUNG, Evergreen reporter October 14, 2023

Anne Pisor, WSU associate professor of anthropology, edited a special edition of the scientific journal Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. The issue took a global...

El Hadj Djitteye and Peter Chilson discussing the effects of climate and migration in the West African Sahel

Foley Institute hears about effects of climate crisis overseas

AIMEE SULIT, Evergreen reporter October 4, 2023

English professor Peter Chilton shared that the United Nations High Commission for Refugees has found that almost 100,000 people try to leave Africa within West Africa every month and the population of...

Former congressman Bob Inglis giving a speech to students and members of the public about faith and climate science Sept. 28, in Pullman, Wash.

Foley Institute hosts climate science and faith talk by former congressman

SICALY SORRELL, Evergreen reporter September 29, 2023

Former congressman Bob Inglis led a discussion on the influence of religion and politics on climate science hosted by the Foley Institute on Thursday  Inglis said he believes God reveals himself...

Athar Khan at Karakoram during the process of his research

WSU PhD student studies Karakoram peoples’ grappling with climate change

TATE YOUNG, Evergreen reporter September 29, 2023

At the northern reaches of Pakistan lies an extension of the Himalayan mountain range, in an area dubbed Karakoram. In recent years it has become a sought-after place for outdoor enthusiasts and mountaineers,...

Bugden discusses the role partisanship has had in addressing the threat of climate change

WSU professor discusses role of partisanship in climate change

MUSFIRAH KHAN, Evergreen reporter September 13, 2023

Dylan Bugden, WSU Boeing Distinguished Assistant Professor in Environmental Sociology, presented his research regarding the role of partisanship in climate change policies on Tuesday at The Foley Institute. Bugden...

Slater presenting a few slides related to his presentation on Thursday

Foley Institute hosts climate change skepticism presentation

SICALY SORRELL, Evergreen reporter September 8, 2023

The Foley Institute hosted a presentation on the public’s opinion of climate change and the lack of trust in climate science by Matthew Slater, Bucknell University philosophy professor, on Sept. 7. Slater...

Fall 2023s Foley institute speaker schedule

Climate change course starting at Foley Institute

GRACE HARVEY, Evergreen reporter August 31, 2023

The Foley Institute will implement a course focused on climate change and environmental politics this fall. Political Science 320 is a speaker series course held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from12:05...

It is OK, the Earth is just having her hot girl summer!

Satire: Thanks, climate change for this sauna of a summer!

TESS DURAND, Evergreen copy chief August 18, 2022

With temperatures reaching the high 90s, I am sure you all are just as ecstatic as I am! There is legitimately nothing I love more than sitting in a pool of my own sweat. It is bewildering to think...

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