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OPINION: Support the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act

RAWA will protect aspects of Washington's outdoors that other laws will not.
DAN CURTIS, Evergreen columnist June 30, 2020

Right now, hunter- and angler-led activist groups are driving the meteoric path of the Great American Outdoors Act. If enough people call their house representatives, then the Great American Outdoors Act...

OPINION: Backcountry activities offer new alternatives this summer

Washington offers so many options for outdoor recreation that many people may not have considered.
DAN CURTIS, Evergreen columnist June 23, 2020

Have you ever seen a picture of someone having a blast outdoors and been inspired, only to have your ambitions dashed by the realization that there was likely $2,000 worth of gear and 200 hours of preparation...

OPINION: Trophy hunting has many benefits

Trophy hunting preserves the animal's natural beauty, while providing a source of natural, organic food.
DAN CURTIS, Evergreen columnist June 9, 2020

Why has there been such a negative buzz around big-game trophy hunting in recent headlines? Bounty from a trophy hunt includes free-range organic wild game meat, as well as a lifelike representation...

OPINION: Support the Land, Water Conservation Fund

The LWCF is the best way to ensure that everyone can make use of America's wild lands, now and forever.
DAN CURTIS, Evergreen columnist June 2, 2020

Originally created by Congress in 1964, the Land and Water Conservation Fund helps ensure present and future generations of Americans have opportunities to enjoy our nation’s outdoors. The program funds...

Kill or be Killed

Top trophy hunting countries in Africa based on proportion of hunters visiting. Regulating animal populations through trophy hunting is necessary for the well-being of human lives.
Philip Grossenbacher | Evergreen columnist September 24, 2015

Kill or be killed: that’s the reality for many families in villages in the African country of Botswana in the two years following the illegalization of trophy hunting.Animals such as lions and elephants...

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